Instructor Introduction

NUR 3634 Community Health Nursing
Sherry MacDonald

Hello Future RN's!

Welcome to NUR3634. I am looking forward to meeting you all as we progress through the course.

First things first...This might be your first time for the new platform for Webcourses. If it is, welcome to Canvas. The look is different but the basic 'make-up' of any UCF online course has not changed. We will navigate through this together.

My advice: take the time to view the information located under Start Here.I would recommend you review the Knights online-Canvas Demo. You should do this within the first week. When in doubt and you cannot find your way,  feel free to email me at I may not have an oar but I may be able to help you paddle!

Course Introduction

I hope that we can share fine dialogue within this Web-based  course and further explore the nursing filed of Community Health Nursing. There are so many opportunities awaiting you within this  field of nursing, and I am hoping that this course will propel you to consider this as a future career path .

It is expected that we will exchange dialogue with each other within the online course. Each of your colleagues will add value and perspective to the discussion, and I urge you to expand your thinking to encourage acceptance of the diversity that your peers bring. Accepting diversity is essential to performing your role as a professional nurse. I expect professionalism and personal responsibility in all interactions we partake.

Writing is an expectation in this course, as being able to articulate your thoughts is critical to your evolution as a nursing professional. We will build on the information we have learned from mother nursing courses you have taken .  Please take advantage of all the help made available to you including the services of the UCF Library staff and services. Make sure you have access to the distance learning resources. There is a lot to do. You will be much more content, if you do not procrastinate, check the course schedule often, and don't miss deadlines!

I am a firm believer in the firm, fair, consistent mantra. I will not do for one student, what I would not do for you all; please do not ask me for special treatment.

My teaching philosophy is simple. You are adults and as such you will be treated as adults. You are responsible for your successes. My role is to facilitate your growth and to ensure you have the resources and information to be successful.  If there are issues please let me know asap and I am sure we can work together to come to terms suitable to both you and me. I am very responsive to the working nurse, parent, spouse, primary breadwinner etc. Please feel free to reach out to me if there is an issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Here’s to a great semester.

Next Steps: please review the links which can be found on the left side of opening course page. Make sure to complete the Canvas demo activities.

Sherry M. MacDonald MSN, FNP-BC, ARNP